I am Deb Oster, and along with my husband Harry, we are Kristil Poms. We have been involved in showing dogs for over 40 years now. Dogs have always been my passion. I grew up in a home where dogs were not allowed. Luckily my grandparents lived next door, and they loved dogs, so I always had a dog to play with. When Harry and I married, I made up for some serious lost time, and dog shows became our hobby. I started out in Terriers, with the first registered dog I ever owned , an Airedale Terrier. I was hopelessly hooked from then on. After the Airedale, we tried Welsh Terriers, but found them too scrappy. We progressed through Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Norwich Terriers, and then onto Golden Retrievers . Our daughter Krisitilyn was an accomplished handler. She grew up showing dogs from the time she was about 8 years old, thru 4-h, and onto AKC shows. Kristi opened a lot of doors in the dog show world, and we began to show Golden Retrievers . Throughout our dog show years, we were very successful in the different breeds, and showed dozens of dogs to their championships. I , being a hairdresser by profession, did all of the grooming, and Kristi did the handling. We were quite the team, and were able to guide several goldens to championships, and one to the top 2 and one to the top 5 in that breed. All during the years we handled dogs for others and ourselves, I kept looking at Poms, and I knew that someday, that would be my breed.

      As the years flew by, Kristi was not handling as much, and I decided that if I ever was going to get a Pom, this was the time. Our first Pom was Lulu. Though she did not turn out to be show quality, she was the most endearing dog we had ever had, and she was responsible for our quest to be everything we could be in this breed.

We are located in beautiful southern Wisconsin. We are blessed to live on six acres of shear heaven. Rolling hills, stunning views, sunsets that are ever changing. It is the perfect backdrop for our poms. They run outside and play hard, and spend their days in the house, being a part of the family. They sleep with us, travel with us, and mostly entertain us. They are our world, not just kennel dogs, each one special, each one unique.

When we do breedings, they are for us. So much research goes into each breeding, as we are looking for healthy, beautiful pomeranians to continue our show lines. Poms have such small litters, which makes it difficult to get a puppy from us, as anything that looks promising stays here. Any puppy that has a fault, according to the AKC standard for pomeranians, then becomes available as a pet. Pets are simply dogs that may not quite make the cut for the show ring, which can be from such simple things as a bite that is not perfect, or a missing tooth. There are many reasons for a dog not to make the grade as a show dog, but they still come from the same well thought out litters as our Champions come from. When people say “I only want a pet”, they do not realize that we are not in the habit of breeding pets. We breed for excellent examples of our breed. We prove that by showing them in tough competition. Those pets still come from dogs that have generations of champions that have the correct structure of an ideal pom. Getting a champion puppy takes tons of work, a little luck and lots of love and attention to every detail. You are getting the advantage of our passion for doing the right thing for the breed. Please come on in and see our pom kids. We are so proud of them and we love to share them with you.